Ride with Stages at 2016 IDEA

June 14, 2016 | ,

Stages Indoor Cycling is so excited and proud to be presenting 5 education sessions at the 2016 IDEA World conference in Los Angeles, CA!

Our sessions will be presented by Stages Indoor Cycling Director of Education Cameron Chinatti (Nashville, TN) and Master Educators Neil Troutman (London, UK), Pam Benchley (Buffalo, NY), and Lenita Anthony (San Diego, CA).

Each session is based upon our world-class Stages Cycling indoor bikes, but the concepts in the sessions are applicable and relevant to instructors no matter what brand of bike you teach on.

Thursday, July 14
8:00am – 9:50am – Triple Threat Mindset with Neil Troutman
Are you a triple threat indoor cycling instructor? Can you keep the Beat Junkies, the Traditionalists, and the Power Purists coming back for more? To get results you need to be the perfect planner, independent of which playlist you choose and what style you use to deliver the goods. Get ready to run three stylistically different rides adaptable to any studio culture using the same music for each style! This course will change the way you view class planning and prep.

5:15pm – 6:30pm – Party With A Purpose with Cameron Chinatti, Neil Troutman, Pam Benchley, and Lenita Anthony
Join Team Stages for a 60 minute ride that will surely become a part of your regular class rotation. Determine your Power Rx in the first 10 minutes of class, and then ride the rainbow. It’s that simple! No need to remember numbers or averages, simply color match for a perfectly personalized, power-filled par-tay! This best practices group display ride features Stages IQ technology, where getting it done meets keeping it fun!

Friday, July 15
9:40am – 11:30am – Get On the Leaderboard with Cameron Chinatti
Do you kick butt on a bike? Do you have what it takes to hang on the leaderboard? Prove it. Join Stages Indoor Cycling for our signature benchmark event where we identify your best sustainable effort. This is how the pros do it, only a lot more fun! Post ride we use your ride results to determine your Power Rx, the most important piece of ride data you’ll ever need!

Saturday, July 16
7:30am – 9:20am – Oh No! Not the Power Police with Pam Benchley
It’s official: consoles and power measurement for indoor cycling are here to stay. But with every new piece of equipment comes “creative” misuses and abuses. Avoid getting caught by never committing a crime in the first place! You’ll learn the most common crimes against consoles, then get ready to ride as we explore our top 10 best power practices. These Simple Sets will give you hours of new ride content and provide priceless aha! moments for your participants.

4:00pm – 5:30pm – Your Optimal Intervals with Lenita Anthony
Interval training’s value is well known in the fitness world, but on an indoor bike, coaching intervals that assure your participants the most value for their effort is tough to prove. Is there, in fact, a point when attempting just one additional interval repeat is actually detrimental? In this interactive session, we’ll look at how the pros do it and how you stack up (gulp!). Get ready for a 45 minute interval-style ride as we put your numbers to the test!

Visit https://www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/idea-world-fitness-convention/register to register today, and use code WORLD16+STAGES to save $30! We hope to see you in Los Angeles in one of our sessions! Questions? Email Laurel Mylin @ lmylin@stagesindoorcycling.com .

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