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REAL cyclocross workouts from the Pro’s

September 19, 2018 ,

A cyclocross race is not a laboratory, but in training one should strive for scientific repeatability—or as close as you can get with your Stages Power meter.

One of Sam’s go-to interval sessions are his 20 second max effort repeats. Yes, they hurt. Yes, they’re hard. But the stricter your process and greater your attention to detail, the bigger the impact and greater the result.

The workout: Lab tested, ‘Cross approved, max effort repeats

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These intervals are designed to train and develop a repeatedly high 20 second output. In a cyclocross repeatable efforts are everything. Think about a course with corners or a run up that you’ll need to ride up each lap. Each feature requires an effort, usually short, but that will stack up over the course of a race. If you can’t push through the efforts required by each feature, likely at a output considerably higher than your threshold, then the course is going to beat you, never mind your competition. From Sam the man, himself: I always think about those crux moves like being able to ride a run up lap after lap. If you can’t repeat that max power output then you won’t make it every time. This is a workout to help you crush those efforts.

This Vermont native and stalwart New England ‘crosser has been on the scene in full force since the 2011 season; he was racing the junior 10-12 division, then. Having such experience on his home region courses, he now focuses a majority of his training time on the goal of fine tuning his motor.

This specific workout specifically deals on cadence within a high output effort. During this workout you’ll be riding at your threshold as evenly as you can, but the training comes with the variability of the workout’s cadences.

The workout: Not slow or steady — climbing interval adaptation

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From Michael. These intervals are designed to create adaptation to various cadences at threshold. In Cyclocross, riders must make power in a huge variety of conditions. An optimum cadence can be hard to find when pedaling through sand or mud so it’s important to practice making power at various cadences.

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