Radar Ready & Full Custom — Dash 2.1 Firmware

December 3, 2019 |

2.1 Firmware with Radar Compatibility and Customization via App

Our engineers won’t stop adding performance and features to the Dash M50 and L50.
The latest 2.1 Firmware and LINK app update makes Dash the most powerful, capable and intuitive cycling computer in the world.

Get 2.1 Firmware

Customize your screens and settings right from your phone.

Use the Stages LINK phone app to build individual ride profiles for road riding, gravel, indoor, workouts, navigation or anything else, each with custom screen layouts and data fields. You can also change device settings, adjust your phone notification preferences, change brightness settings or switch to Night Mode directly and more directly from the app.

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The latest 2.1 Firmware update brings car-sensing Garmin Varia Radar (sold separately) compatibility to Dash M50 and L50. With increasingly busy roads and distracted drivers, the combination of Dash and Radar acts like eyes in the back of your head, delivering critical information about cars approaching from behind with enough advanced warning to allow the rider to make smart decisions, or take evasive action if necessary.

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