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HOW TO: Put A Workout On Stages Dash

November 6, 2017

In a previous video Power Education Specialist Benjamin Sharp explained how to build a workout in Stages Link. Here we’ll explain how to put that workout on your Stages Dash, so you can see step-by-step what your training calls for while you’re out on the road.

That means no more post-it notes, no more writing on your hand. Everything you need to know, is right where it matters, on your Stages Dash.

Stages Dash is more than just a computer. Designed by cyclists, for cyclists, this head unit is designed to optimize every part of your ride.

Stages Dash

Stages Dash


Stages Link is more than just a place to look at your training and analyze ride data from your device. You can manage all your Stages Devices on Stages Link, for free, forever. That means you can use it to manage your Stages Power meter, keep it’s firmware up-to-date and be even be notified when the battery is running low.