The New, Stronger, Lighter Stages Power Meters!

January 22, 2018 |

If you’ve visited the Stages Store you may have noticed in addition to our new Stages Power R and Stages Power LR meters, there is now “Stages Power L” and then seemingly identical meters listed as “Gen 2 Meters” offered at a lower price. So what’s up with that?

STAGES POWER L HAVE UPDATED FEATURES Stages Power L meters are our newest left-side only meters with upgraded electronics, hardware and software. All our right-sided (Stages Power R) and dual-sided meters (Stages Power LR) also have this newest update.

WHAT’S DO THE NEW METERS DO? New meters will now have updated electronics that offer:

  • Lighter Weight
  • Better Accuracy
  • Upgraded radio antennas
  • Improved compatibility with an even wider range of cycling computers and sports watches
  • Upgraded cadence sensor
  • LED for communication

Not only are the new meters more accurate when it comes to power measurement, but we’ve enhanced how and what they communicate. Improved radio antennas mean better range. Plus, the power meters now connect and communicate with a wider range of cycling computers and sport watches.

Although we always recommend the Stages Dash, naturally.

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