May 16, 2016 | ,

No matter how you ride, or what you ride, if you’re looking to achieve a goal, Stages Power is the tool that can help.

Take Pro Mountain Biker for Kona Bicycle Company’s Spencer Paxson.

Spencer is somewhat of a wunderkind. While becoming one of the top racers in the world, Paxson worked full-time. This means Paxson’s training relied on efficiently maximizing his use of time and listening to his body to understand when he needed to push and when he needed to rest.


Spencer Trains On XTR M9000

Training with Stages Power helps me monitor how my whole system is working. What i've learned over the years is usually how easy I should be going when I need to go easy. I can go out training and understand if my body is matching the output I'm feeling."


Now named to the US Olympic Team Long List, Paxson awaits his fate as he races the UCI XCO World Cups. You can read about his race at the Cairn’s UCI World Cup on his blog at KonaWorld.

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