Firmware 2.3 – Trainer Control on Dash is Here!

May 13, 2020 |

Dash will search for and connect to ANT FE-C enabled trainers. Control resistance using ERG mode, Level mode or Sim mode, or control a trainer with your active workout.

Step 1:
Add a Trainer Control field to a Dash page

Step 2: 
Start a ride and choose between percent grade simulation mode, power-based ERG more or effort level mode

Step 3: (optional)
Load a preset Dash workout, hop on your smart trainer set on ERG mode and get to work

No other GPS Cycling Computer makes it easier to train right. 

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More Smart Features for Dash

Interactive Data Fields
Fields that have additional options now show an icon in the bottom left corner
Pressing select will open the tools for that field

Map Tools
Press select when on a data page with the map on it, and tools will appear to zoom and pan easier than ever.

Also in Firmware 2.3:

  • Enter custom wheel sizes for speed sensors using the text editor
  • All sensor data preferences (Power source, Cadence source, and Movement source) are now located in the profile as settings
  • Increased accuracy for elevation recording from 2m to 20cm
  • Sensor limit increased from 10 to 14 for ANT, 12 for BLE and warning added when limit is reached

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