Find your Weakness with 70.3 Champion Lionel Sanders

August 27, 2018 |

What do you do if you need to change literally everything before an important event?

This was Stages Power pro Lionel Sanders’, scenario before the Ironman 70.3 Championship in St. George, Utah this year. After a start to the season that didn’t meet the consummate pro’s high expectations, he went back to the drawing board and changed literally everything about his bike: his bar, extensions, pedals and he even swapped frame sizes (from medium to small) and position.

Everything felt better to Lionel, but feelings need to be tested and quantified. Would the changes on the bike make him faster and how would they set him up for the run?

Lionel needed a shakedown. He needed a test. So he did this workout.

This workout puts every part of your skills to the test. It’s great if you need to figure out where you are at the start or your season. It’s great if you need to remember what it feels like to go from bike to run. And it’s a great mid-season refreshed if you need to fine-tune your strengths and identify your weaknesses.

This isn’t a killer workout, but it’ll no doubt show you your weakness. But it will also give you the confidence you need to get the job done on race day.


Warm Up: 15 minutes

Block 1:
15′ @ Tempo
2-mile run @ 70.3 pace

Recover: 5 minutes

Block 2:
15′ @ Tempo
2-mile run @ 70.3 pace

Recover: 5 minutes

Block 3:
15′ @ Tempo
2-mile run @ 70.3 pace

Cool Down

In Lionel’s own words:

The reason this was so crucial is because I changed everything on my bike, as well as my position. When you do that you really have no idea what the effect is going to be on your run legs. This was a huge confidence boosting workout for me, when I was able to execute it. In fact, my legs felt better than any time in recent memory, which was a good sign that the position was likely better than the previous one. If this workout was a test, Ironman St. George was the proof.

So how did Sanders fare?  He went St. George, tested, confident and ready. He came away with another championship.

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