Chloe Woodruff Podiums & Wins at Bonelli Park UCI C3

March 16, 2016 |

It was a good season opener for Stages Power rider Chloe Woodruff of Stan’s NoTubes/Pivot at Stages 1, 2, 3 of the Bonelli Park UCI C3. Woodruff landed on the podium in cross-country and took the win on the short-track course.

Here’s Chloe’s recap of Sunday’s Short Track event:

The short track event is the icing on the cake of a race weekend. The stakes are not very high and there’s a lot to gain from the race experience. It’s a great format for young racers to get their wheels up front, to learn the importance of positioning, and to learn how to race fast and smart (the learning never ends). So if you win—great! And if things don’t go as planned it’s shrugged off as short track. Rose and I talked some strategy pre-race and put in a couple fast laps together during our warm-up. We knew things would likely stick together in a group unless we could counter some attacks successfully to create separation. The race didn’t play out exactly to plan but we improvised well. The format for the race was 15 minutes, plus 3 laps. I came into the last lap feeling pretty good after a short bit of recovery the lap prior (there was a lull in the pace, which was good for me at that point!). When Jena Greaser put in an effort to come around Katka through a relaxed chicane before the start/finish pavement, I accelerated on the outside thinking Katka was momentarily boxed in. It was one of the ‘not really thinking’ moves. I just saw an opportunity and went all in. A few seconds after my attack, I checked over my shoulder to see if anyone followed and I had a gap to no clear chasers. Sweet!

While it may just be short track racing, a win is a win. Now how to we bring this format to the World Cup? ”


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