Cross Workouts That Will Push Your Limits

December 3, 2018 | ,

Based out of Portland, OR, Team S&M CX is a small team that packs quite the punch. With experienced and emerging talent they shared the workouts that put them and keep them on the podium.

Rider Beth Ann Orton has been racing with Team S&M for 11 seasons. Thats numerous UCI wins and multiple top five and top ten finishes. She shared with us her Off-Road Pyramid Sprint Workout that she does throughout the season, early in the week. In her own words, “They’re a great way to push limits and have fun on the bike, while developing the coveted snap! required by cyclocross racing.”

Workout 1: Off Road Pyramid Sprint Intervals

These are max effort sprints that should be done off-road or on trail/gravel/mixed surfaces on a slight incline.

Repeat the following 3-4 times.

  • 10-second Sprint
  • 3-minute Rest
  • 20-second Sprint
  • 3-minute Rest
  • 30-second Sprint
  • 3-minute Rest
  • 60-second Sprint
  • 10-minute Rest

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Now don’t let Team S&M CX’s small stature fool you. They’re clearly fostering some of the best talent in the country: enter Clara Honsigner. In 2018 Honsinger became your U-23 Pan American Champion, marking one of the top U23 riders in the world. She shared with us her crushing VO2 max workout.

Workout 2: Clara’s Crusher V02

For cyclocross, there’s value in practicing your intervals off-road and in mock competition type scenarios. As such, Honsinger’s crusher V02 intervals are best done off-road and on a mock-cx course.

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The intervals are 4 minutes each with 2-4 minutes of rest in between.

  • Start the lap as if you’re starting a race with a 20-30 second all-out effort.
  • Then “settle” into z5 V02 effort for the remainder of the 3.5 minutes.
  • Rest for 2-4 minutes
  • Then repeat 3-5 times

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can throw in a quick run at the end of the workout—just make sure that you finish the interval work first.

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