Callum Millward’s FTP Boosting Workout

August 13, 2018 |

Callum Millward is a pro long-course Ironman athlete, an entrepreneur, a producer and a bit of a comedian. His series ‘Cupcakes with Cal’ gives high-level triathlon a dash of a humor while offering very progressive insights to the discipline. Recently Callum has doubled down and on his own racing and served up this incredibly tough workout that helps with FTP power development.


Aerobic Power 50/10’s; How About Them Cupcakes

Callum suggests doing this workout on an indoor trainer, or a very low gradient climb that adds a bit of resistance, but not too much torque. You should be able to spin at a cadence that feels comfortable.

15′ Warm-Up

Followed by 2-3 Sets of:

50″ @ 105-115% of FTP
10″ Recovery
Repeat 10 times (for total of 10-minutes)
5′ Easy Spin

Millward Says:

This is difficult because you go slightly above FTP each time, and then below. The effort should feel uncomfortable but sustainable.

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