Brittlee Bowman’s Cyclocross Opener’s Workout

October 3, 2018 |

BrittLee Bowman is a native New Yorker who works in design, wears red glasses and loves to race her wheels through the mud. Her love affair with cycling started as a need for transportation, but utility riding quickly became a gateway to a lifestyle.

“My bike expanded the scope of where I could go and what I could do,” said Bowman. “I love the freedom, I can go anywhere on my bike, even places the cars can’t. During my senior year in design school, I heard about an alley cat street race and was intrigued by the orientation and problem-solving aspects of the competition. I signed up and so began my obsession with racing my bike.”

Since, BrittLee has run teams and become a mainstay on both the domestic road and cyclo-cross scenes. Her persona and racing style—elegant passion—aligns perfectly with Richard Sacs’ cyclocross team and bikes. While the team passionately believes steel is real and that craftsmanship and class trump trend and mass made products, their training is unequivocally up to date.

The Workout: Get-up and get Open

BrittLee Bowman’s pre-race openers should be done the day before race day. These intervals are meant to get your body ready for the pending pain without dipping into your reserves or hampering your ability to go all out in the next workout.

This should be a fun ride and if you’ve got the luxury, you should try and do them on the course you’ll be racing on the next day.

Get Bowman’s Workout

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