Bridge The Gap Podcast: Lenita Anthony

May 15, 2020 |

“Bridge the Gap” Episode 2: Lenita Anthony

The second episode of the Stages Cycling podcast features Lenita Anthony, 2X Masters Track World Champion, Kona Ironman World Championships competitor, Stages Master Educator, USA Cycling Level 2 coach, author, presenter, and a ride leader for Challenged Athlete’s Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge. Lenita talks about how her outdoor experience and education in exercise physiology inform the way she teaches indoor classes.

Excerpts from the interview:

On the experience of racing the Ironman World Championship Kona:
“I went there really just as a celebration. To me getting there was really what it was all about, and telling myself that if I was there, there was no way in the world anything was going to make me not finish it. So it was fun because I was just able to race it as a celebration and it was so beautiful and a really memorable experience. I really enjoyed it.”

On what she loves about racing:
“There are those that we look at and we are inspired by them, and they actually drive us to learn more about ourselves as we kind of feel just braver and bolder by having watched them/ We will attempt things that perhaps we wouldn’t have done without that inspiration. And in the process, I think there’s just so much that we learn about ourselves that we didn’t know was there. That’s the part I absolutely love about racing, is just continuing to explore those limits and explore what’s there, and learn. I just love that aspect of racing.”

On bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor cycling:
“There’s so much relevance in that mindset with what we ask people to do indoors in our classes. Because we do ask them to get uncomfortable, we do ask them to test their limits at times. If we can do that in a way that demonstrates that we’ve been there and done that ourselves, but also a belief in what they have. It builds their confidence, in builds their confidence to test those limits and to trust us enough to do this.”

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