The Birth of StagesDash & StagesLink

Obviously we started making power meters, and when you make a sensor, your data has to go somewhere. This is how Stages Dash and Stages Link were born.

Applying what we learned from working for four years with Team Sky and being a company filled with cyclists, we set out to build the bike computer and training platform we all always wanted.

We emphasized function over form. Buttons are front and center. They’re tactile and easy to push. The Dash drafts itself across the bar, having almost no effect on your CDA. You can have the computer portrait or landscape mode depending on your needs. Metal mounting contacts ensures it won’t fail or fatigue over time.

Next, we wanted the experience from ride to analysis to be seamless and fluid. Stages Link is our answer. We created an environment where new and veteran power meter users could really understand how to use power as a metric. Stages Link grew out of a very strong data analysis platform with the added features and Stages touch of letting it integrate with the head unit and your power meter.

Our most favorite part is the workout functionality. No more sticky notes on your stem. No more stopping to take out your phone. It’s all there. Then, when you upload the file to Stages Link you get a very clear picture of your performance. What you did versus what was prescribed by a training plan or coach is all there in front of you.Stages Dash is like having a partner/coach on your handlebars.

The combination of Stages Link + Stages Dash + Stages Power, you can really know your output and performance. This complete power ecosystem is designed with one purpose, to make better riders.

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