A National Champion By The Numbers

June 28, 2018 | , ,

In 2017, Seamus Powell dominated the US Enduro Nationals Championships. The course in Snowshoe, WV was highly technical and very physical—just like any good mountain bike race should be!

Traditionally, Seamus has relied on his power meter for important feedback throughout his training regime. It is very true that performing well in enduro is down to one’s technical ability and speed, but power data is very insightful.

How we use power meters in enduro
Seamus does regular field-testing to assess his pedaling ability at both short and long durations. He needs a good sprint to be able to pedal hard when it counts but also needs to maintain high aerobic conditioning so that he can repeat his sprints over and over. We test things like 20 minute, 1 minute and 5-second power (among others!).

The other reason power data is helpful is that it gives a good indicator of pacing strategy when analyzed after races. One obvious point is pacing on liaisons, but we also look at power output within a stage to make sure that Seamus is managing his energy appropriately and avoiding getting sloppy with his handling skills.

Ever gone so hard you go cross-eyed? Yeah, we kind of want to manage that while blasting down hills.

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