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Reverse Pyramids: Chasing Your Best Average Watts

May 5, 2017
Chase your best average watts in a reverse pyramid working out you can perform both indoors and outdoors, from Stages Master Educator Kimball Theoret.

The Dead Of Winter Stages Lunch Ride

January 18, 2017 ,
At Stages we always ride. ALWAYS. Luckily for us we have a whole Indoor studio with Stages Indoor SC3 bikes to ride on together. It gets pretty intense.

The Stages Studio

December 14, 2016
Experience indoor riding like never before. Stages took it's outdoor cycling legacy to develop the most advance studio cycling experience. Take a look at The Stages Studio

Beginner or Pro-Everyone Suffers

November 17, 2016
Scanning the cycle room from the instructor podium and your spot Joe the Pro, The Ironmaner, a mob of regulars and complete noobs. But the best thing is...

HOW TO: Make The Most of Indoor Cycling

November 3, 2016 ,
Master Educator Lenita Anthony, M.S. dispels indoor cycling myths and explains what to do to make the make the most of any Indoor Cycling Class.

The Power to See it, Feel it & Hear it in Indoor Cycling

October 25, 2016
The world of group indoor cycling has recently collided with the realm of technology to give instructors access to and class participants the ability to experience all three learning styles in each...

Indoor Cycling Business Booms as Matrix Fitness UK & Stages Partner Up

October 12, 2016 ,
We are delighted to announce an exclusive UK distribution partnership with Matrix Fitness UK, a subsidiary of the Johnson Health Tech. The agreement will see the two companies working in close....

INDOOR: Your New Favorite Ride

October 3, 2016
Designing an Indoor Studio ride that packs a powerful punch of energy and workout is demanding. Meet Master Educator Marina Mitchell, and learn how to teach her 54 minute ride called "4-3-2-1 Rock It"

HOW TO: Solve Your Power Puzzle

September 14, 2016 ,
Learning to teach with power can be, well, a bit puzzling at first! Use this easy–to-teach Simple Set to help your cyclists understand the pieces needed to create power or watts.

5 Reasons To Use A Power Meter To Teach Indoor Classes

September 10, 2016 ,
From a few elite pro cyclists in the late ‘80s to indoor cycling studios all over the world, cycling with a power meter has become a standard. Here is why you should teach indoor cycling with power.