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How Do You Train For Enduro? by Syd Schulz

January 16, 2017 ,
For Syd Schulz, training for enduro in the off-season is all about training your weaknesses. That means strength work and high power work. This is how she does it...

Understanding FTP

December 14, 2016
Knowing your FTP and understanding your FTP are two different things. Once you understand why the numbers are what they are you can better develop a plan to get stronger and faster.

HOW TO: Make The Most of Indoor Cycling

November 3, 2016 ,
Master Educator Lenita Anthony, M.S. dispels indoor cycling myths and explains what to do to make the make the most of any Indoor Cycling Class.

What are Spindles: BB30, Race Face Next SL & 30mm

October 11, 2016 ,
The Stages Carbon model is one power meter that can work for many 30mm bottom brackets: BB30, PF30, 386Evo, BBright and Race Face Cinch 30mm, to name a few. All you need is the right Spindle.

Using Workout Mode with Stages Dash

One of the biggest values of training with a power meter is being able to complete a workout exactly as prescribed. With Workout Mode in Stages Dash you no longer need post-its on your top tube.

HOW TO: Solve Your Power Puzzle

September 14, 2016 ,
Learning to teach with power can be, well, a bit puzzling at first! Use this easy–to-teach Simple Set to help your cyclists understand the pieces needed to create power or watts.

5 Reasons To Use A Power Meter To Teach Indoor Classes

September 10, 2016 ,
From a few elite pro cyclists in the late ‘80s to indoor cycling studios all over the world, cycling with a power meter has become a standard. Here is why you should teach indoor cycling with power.

How To: Perform Micro Intervals

April 17, 2016
Power Education Specialist Benjamin Sharp talks about using Micro Intervals to simulate the demands of racing. These 10-15 minutes pieces consist of alternating Zone 3 and Zone 5 work.

Understanding Power to Weight

April 10, 2016
Power Education Benjamin Sharp talks about why power to weight matters when cycling. Unfortunately, the absolute watt number isn't the only factor that determines performance.

How To: Perform Hill Intervals

April 8, 2016
Power Education Specialist Ben Sharp talks about how to properly perform Hill Intervals using Stages Power. Hill Intervals are four 5-minute efforts done on a hill with a brief rest period between eac