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Team Sky

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Stages Power LR
for Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 

Years on Stages: 5

Since 2014 Team Sky has exclusively ridden the Stages Power meter. In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Team Sky rode and won the Tour de France on the Stages Dura Ace Power meter.

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“The power meter is one of the most important tools for the team – giving us the perfect insight into how a rider is performing, which is crucial for the coaching team.”

Carsten Jeppesen, Team Sky’s Head of Technical Operations

In cycling, there is one way to measure strength accurately and that’s power. The data Team Sky captures from both training and racing helps quantify how its riders are performing, which drives coaching decisions and victories.

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Why did Team Sky, a team defined by accuracy and non-traditional evidence-based thinking, choose the Stages Power meter?

With Stages’ active temperature compensation, when Team Sky takes to the toughest races, with the greatest elevation gains on the planet, they can rest assured their power is always accurate. In races like the Giro, the Tour and the Vuelta, with epic mountain top finishes and wildly varying temperatures throughout a single stage, Stages ATC auto-calibrates based on the climate, without any need to cease pedaling. When power is everything, it needs to be right. The Stages Power meter is the category’s benchmark for consistency across rapid changing environmental temperatures.

Stages revolutionized the power measurment process by creating a simple product that delivers incredible results.

In the Pro Tour, anything can happen. Imagine needing a wheel change, or a bike change in the middle of a race; where a mechanic would need to make sure every single magnet and sensor is in exactly the right position to work. With Stages, there are no moving parts. Everything you need to measure power is contained within the system. The Stages meter allows the integrity Shimano crafted into each Dura-Ace crank to remain untouched, all that’s added is power and the ability to capture data and results.

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“Stages has worked hard to develop a high-quality product that is extremely lightweight, reliable and simple to use whilst retaining the precision and accuracy that we require at Team Sky.”

Tim Kerrison, Team Sky’s Head of Performance Support

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Team Sky works closely with Stages to help drive the innovation process and make real-time on-bike measurement of power more accessible and affordable to a larger cycling population. Stay tuned for updates from Team Sky and Stages Cycling.

All photos courtesy of Tim de Waele of TDWSport

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