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Team CLIF Cycling

DISCIPLINE: Road Racing, Criteriums
HOMEBASE: United States of Criterium, USA

The Team CLIF Cycling program began in 2002 and has grown into a domestic-elite criterium squad that competes at the highest level in the largest criteriums in North America. The team focuses on the big downtown criteriums, where racers have the opportunity to race in front of large crowds, entertain enthusiastic fans, and leave a lasting positive mark on the many people the team comes in contact with at the events.

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In 2015 the team launched the United States of Criterium media project (#CLIFUSoC) in partnership with Peloton Magazine/Move Press. The goal of the project is to build buzz around big criteriums in North America and bring more attention to criterium racing.

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The USoC project is celebrates a type of racing that’s crazy exciting & super infectious. At Team CLIF Cycling, the riders & staff believe it’s important that athletes give back to their sports; and that by sharing stories from the big North American criteriums the United States of Criterium project can help do good things for the sport of cycling – a sport that is near & dear to the team’s heart.

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