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Team Timex



Every year 50 athletes are selected to represent Timex Multisport, each one contributing in their own special way. Whether it’s a World Championship Title, an age-group podium, or making a difference in their community and impacting the sport in a positive way for generations to come, one thing is for sure — the athletes of the Timex Multisport Team are the best at what they do and they are the reason we are the longest running triathlon team around.

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Team Timex Rides
Shimano Ultegra

Multi-time USAT Master Athlete of the Year Chris Thomas on Power:

Favorite Power Workout: “My favorite workout is 5 x 5mins on 5’ recoveries. I can get my head around them as it’s not too long and really push my efforts, then recover and do it again.”


What’s On his Dash
 In order: Watts, Normalized Power, Heart Rate, Cadence, Ride Time, MPH, AVG Watts, Max Watts “I triangulate my effort while racing using power, heart rate, and perceived exertion. Then I like to watch cadence to make sure I’m not mashing too big of a gear. I like to look at ride time so I can track my calorie and salt intake while racing. MPH and max watts are just for fun. AVG watts vs Norm helps me make sure my variability index is proper.”


“Every time I race I feel that Stages is crucial. I raced Kona in 2013 without it and I totally overcooked the first 1/2 of the bike. It’s all about the numbers. It allows me to hold back properly at the beginning and to stay on it in the middle and later sections of a race.”  – Chris Thomas

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Team Timex by the numbers
  • 52 athletes
  • 29 Men/ 23 Women (9 Pros – 43 Age Groupers)
  • 22 coaches (coaching 749 athletes)
  • International reach – 2 German, 4 Canadian, 1 Mexican, 1 Filipino, and Swedish athlete
  • Races completed: 413
  • 30% win percentage
  • 72% Top-5 results
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