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Stan's Pivot Pro Team

DISCIPLINE: Mountain Bike: XC, Short-Track, Marathon, Enduro

HOMETOWN:  Prescott, Ariz.

Chloe Woodruff, Sofia Gomez-Villafane, Keegan Swenson & Rose Grant are the core of the Stan’s-Pivot Pro Team. They bring their unique strengths, motivations, and energy to the program and together, built a synergy to create a positive team presence and atmosphere.This team believes it’s not all about what you do, but how you do it.

Founded in 2015 by the husband and wife duo, Chloe and Travis Woodruff, the Stan’s-Pivot Pro Team is backed by Stan’s NoTubes, a small company whose tubeless innovations fundamentally changed the sport of mountain biking. A partnership with Pivot began at the onset of 2016, and nothing felt more natural as both the Woodruffs and Pivot call the rugged terrain of Arizona home.

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Chloe Woodruff
  • 2017 UCI World Cup Team
  • 2016 Rio Olympian
  • 1st 2016 Iceman Cometh
  • 1st 2016 Sea Otter Short Track
  • 1st 2016 Angel Fire Pro XCT
  • 6th 2016 Mont Sainte Anne World Cup
  • 16th 2016 World Cup Overall
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FAVORITE POWER WORKOUTS:  We do a progression of 5min interval workouts over a few weeks. 5min at 80% VO2 max with a short recovery, between 1-2 minutes. We start with 4-5 the first week and work up towards 7-8 interval reps. These are my favorite because they can simulate the fatigue you feel towards the end of the race, and it takes a lot of focus to get through them. The rule is, if I think I might be able to do one more and hit the power numbers, then I do it. Sometimes they kick my butt but when I complete 6+ of these, I know I’m ready to suffer through the finish of a race.

WHAT’S ON CHLOE’S HEAD UNIT:  Lap Time/Lap Power/Heart Rate/Power for intervals sessions. For endurance rides on the road or mountain bike, I usually leave my Garmin 810 on the map screen.

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Rose Grant:

  • 2017 UCI World Cup Team
  • 2017 Marathon National Champion
  • 1st 2017 Cactus Cup Overall
  • 2016 Marathon National Champion
  • 1st 2016 Epic Rides Overall
  • 1st 2016 Whiskey Off-Road
  • 1st 2016 Grand Junction Off-Road
  • 1st

Rose Grant's Cactus Crusher Workout

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