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Richard Sachs Cyclocross

DISCIPLINE: Cyclocross


RIDERS: Richard Sachs, Dan Chabanov, Sam O’Keefe, Brittlee Bowman, Greg Gunsalus

The bikes are drool worthy, the riders are dreamy, and the man behind it all is a legend. To date, Richard Sachs has been making frames and sponsoring cyclocross teams for nearly two decades. While his team maintains the east coast as their base, the riders of Richard Sachs Cyclocross have gone on to win 10 national championship titles in under a decade. Design, style, grace and unparalleled sportsmanship are just some of the words that describe these riders and the mythical steal steeds Richard Sachs crafts. Sachs truly stands out from the pack.

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FAVORITE POWER WORKOUT: “I like to train by racing. In NYC you can race a lot, which is a fail proof way to get in shape. I also like 5 x 5′ intervals in Z5—I do them uphill, only.” – Dan Chabanov

WHAT’S ON DAN CHABANOV’S DASH: “The one I look at most is just speed, distance, and time. When I train intervals I use 10sec average power and time.”

HOW STAGES CHANGED CHABANOV’S LIFE:  “After the first cross season riding with Stages, looking at my power, especially in races, was pretty eye opening. I found a lot of places I needed to improve my efficiency. There were places I was going too hard, and that would hurt me in the end. Plus, using Stages is an easy way to improve the quality of your workouts as well as track fitness on a day to day basis. While it doesn’t change how I ride, when I need to do something specific it allows me to nail it just right.”

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The Story of Sachs

The Connecticut Yankee Bicycle Club was formed 1967 as a racing club affiliated with the Amateur Bicycle League of America. In the decades which followed, the club has had dozens of this country’s finest athletes as members on its teams. More than twenty C.Y.B.C. riders have represented the National Teams of both the United States and Canada.

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Richard Sachs has raced with the club since 1974. His frame building business became the title sponsor of the team in 1981.

For the past 19 years, Sachs’ loyal sponsorship of cyclocross teams in the US has helped grow the sport and produce many top cyclocross athletes in the process, leading to 10 national championship titles since 1997, most recently for William Dugan at the 2009 Cyclocross Collegiate National Championships.


GUILTY PLEASURE: Cheesecake (New York Style)
PERSONAL MOTTO: Not my problem.
GREATEST FEAR: Alligators.
BEST THING ABOUT TRAINING: Stopping for coffee.
WORST THING ABOUT TRAINING:  Last five minutes of any interval.
WORKOUT JAM:  New Direction by the Gorilla Biscuits.

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