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Matt McElroy

Stages Athlete: Matt McElroy

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HOMEBASE: Boulder, Colorado

While growing up in Southern California, becoming a professional athlete was always the goal for Matt McElroy. His passion for running developed at an early age after joining the track and cross-country teams in 6th grade. After placing 2nd at the 2009 Foot Locker Cross Country Nationals, Matt would focus on further developing his career as an athlete. At Northern Arizona University he ran 28:36 for 10k and 13:51 for 5k. Matt found an alternative training methodology, which allowed him to become more mentally aware of his body and the type of training needed to stay healthy and be successful. Incorporating cross training into his run training led him to discover his true direction – triathlon. Matt has gone results include 10 World Cup podiums, 3 of which he won and finished 2nd at World Triathlon Series in Leeds Great Britain.

Matt McElroy Rides


FAVORITE POWER FEATURE: Stages has allowed me to increase my strength as a cyclist. Without a power meter my coach and me would not be able to track my progress during practice and race day. My favorite power meter is the bilateral power meter because it provides data for both right and left legs. This helps with knowing if I have any imbalances in my pedal stroke.

FAVORITE DASH FEATURE: My favorite Dash feature is the maps. The details are very realistic and easy to find my way home during a long ride into the mountains.



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FAVORITE HYPE SONG: Pump it up by Endor



  • 3x World Cup champion
  • 2nd World Triathlon Leeds
  • 2x WTS relay silver medalist

BEST RACE: Leeds WTS triathlon 2019 I came out of the water in the front pack. I made sure to conserve energy on a technical bike and ran a 30 minute 10k to out kick Javier Gomoez for 2nd place in arguably the deepest triathlon ever.

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