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L’Equipe Provence

Stages Athlete: L’Equipe Provence

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DISCIPLINE: E-Racing, Road, Gravel

HOMEBASE: Paris, France

L’Equipe Provence started as a dream in New York to ride with friends in France, and has grown into an international club of friends, ride leaders and racers on Zwift and real life. We’re here to support each other, motivate each other, and inspire each other to discover and share the world by bike! We love meeting up on Zwift to stay connected, hunt those game badges together and pin on the occasional number between our next rendezvous in Provence. Join the team, grab a wheel, and chill the rosé. It’s time to play bikes!

L’Equipe Provence rides

Stages Dash, Stages Power and StagesBike SB20 Smart Bikes.


WHAT’S ON L’EQUIPE PROVENCE DASH SCREENS: Just the basics. W/KG, time, current wattage, Cadence and HR.


BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: Stages power meters are our go to power source for e-racing and Zwift Badge Hunting. When you need instant, accurate, reliable data, L’Equipe Provence only rides on Stages!


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FAVORITE POWER WORKOUT: Wednesday Night Apéro Sprints

FAVORITE HYPE SONGS: Check out the team curated playlist!

PIECE OF GEAR YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: A strong fan during indoors rides 🥵

WHAT IS YOUR GO TO POST-RACE CELEBRATION? A cold glass of Rosé, of course.

Join L’Equipe Provance on group Team rides are every Wednesday 17:30 GMT and Sunday 7:30 GMT.

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