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Helen Wyman

Zypex – Verge Sport // 10X British National Champion

DISCIPLINE: Cyclocross, Road, Gravel

HOMEBASE: Oudenaarde, Belgium

Born in St Albans in 1981, Helen grew up in a cycling family and began racing aged 14. Trying all forms of cycling, Helen found her love of cyclocross aged 18, when the cross season fitted conveniently around her university studies in physiotherapy. Rapidly finding success and international opportunities, she took up the sport full-time aged 23, having raced part time whilst working for the NHS following her graduation. Ten national championship and two European Championship wins were capped with a World Championship Bronze medal in 2014. Now residing between Rennes-les-Bains (France) and Oudenaarde (Belgium), Helen has dedicated the past 14 years of her life to cyclocross, which have included four years as an active member of the UCI Cyclocross Commission where she has made significant progress for the sport towards equality for female riders. For Helen, these changes are as important an achievement as her on the bike results.

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Helen Wyman Rides
Stages Power LR for Dura Ace R9100


MOST EFFECTIVE POWER WORKOUT: Ten Hills ride (A route close to my home, with structured work on each climb). 20/40 Intervals (A staple of top end blocks of training)


WHAT’S ON HELEN’S CYCLOCROMPUTER SCREEN: “I run 2 main screens: 1 – Time, Distance, Ride Time, Current Power, Heart Rate, Speed. 2 – Set for intervals – Lap Time, Power, Average lap power, heart rate, cadence.

FAVORITE STAGES MOMENT: “I started using Stages with a Left side crank. I loved the accuracy and ability to move between bikes with minimal fuss. It also is very durable and stands up the stress and conditions of CX Racing.”

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  • 10x National Champion
  • Highest World Championship Placing: 3rd
  • 2X European cyclocross Champion
  • 4X winner Koppenberg Cross
  • Highest World Cup Placing: 2nd
  • Highest World Ranking: 2nd
  • Highest National Championship Placing: 1st

“Training with Stages has allowed me to ensure all of my off road rides are recorded with power, even when I’m switching bikes during a race. This was a huge step forward for me, and removed assumptions from my training. With STAGES I can effectively monitor my training. It allows me not only to see gains, plot sessions, it also allows me to really track fatigue and recovery. It’s an essential part of my progress in racing.” – Helen Wyman

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Helen's Pre-Season CX Training

Get Workout

“Power is hugely important in recovery rides to ensure you aren’t pushing to hard. I think far too many people forget that and end up compounding fatigue when they were meant to be recovering.”  – Helen Wyman

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EFFECTIVE OFF-SEASON ACTIVITIES: My off season is very structured, from a couple of weeks with no bike (but still with Gym, Running, Core), to Base, then onto S&C. I’m lucky to live in an amazing area in southern France, where every ride is beautiful and usually in sunshine. The area is great for Strength and Conditioning rides as the hills in terms of length and gradient and perfect.

BEST THING ABOUT ABOUT BEING A PRO CYCLOCROSS RACER: When I get to train in my favourite locations.  I have 2 big favourites, Rennes-Les-Bains in France, an area I love so much, I’ve recently brought a house there to start a start a training centre.  Second is the Alps.  I normally base myself in Les Deuz Alps, and it blows my mind how beautiful it is.

LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A PRO: This has to be cleaning my bike, lucky for me I married someone who now does it for me.  I’m all for equality, but when I’m exhausted after training, it’s something I’m willing to pass on.

WARM-UP ROUTINE: I warm up for cyclocross on a turbo trainer, and I have a specific play list for that of around 10 songs, depending on the length of them. It changes and evolves over time, but is there to pump me up and also chill me out.

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THE FOOD YOU COULD EAT EXCLUSIVELY FOREVER: It would involve lots of vegetables. I’m known as a one women vegetable campaigner, but I just love to eat lots of local grown produce.  So my meal would be something local, fresh, and perhaps have a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and quality meat.

MASCOTS: I have 2….Harry and Ratty.  They come everywhere with me.  Harry’s a cat, Ratty believe it or not is a rat.  They’re don’t mind if I win or loose, they just want a cuddle.

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