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Geoff Kabush

DISCIPLINE: MTB XC, Endurance, Enduro, Gravel, Cyclocross, Road

HOMETOWN: Squamish, BC

A born and bred Canadian, Geoff Kabush is known for racing his bike fast and having a little fun. After playing every sport in high school, Geoff decided to take MTB racing seriously after attending his first MTB World Championship as a Junior in 1995. Attending the University of Victoria and studying Engineering, he slowly moved through the ranks until a breakthrough season in 2000 saw him representing Canada at the Sydney Olympics. Since then he has piled up a record breaking 15 Canadian National titles, 5 US National MTB Series Titles, won a World Cup, stood on nine World Cup podiums, attended three Olympics, and had too many other major victories and podiums around the world to count.

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Geoff is a well-known advocate for clean sport, proud of the choices he made in sport, and helped develop and launch the “Race Clean, Own Your Victory” initiative with Cycling Canada. Currently Geoff’s title sponsors are Yeti-Maxxis and he will be found racing, chasing good trails, and looking for adventure around the world. His passion and focus is mountain biking but he can also be found riding and racing cyclocross, gravel, and road bikes. Off the bike Geoff enjoys good coffee, tasty food, Belgian beers, being a sports fan, skiing, and always continuing to learn. How long does he plan to keep racing? Until the fun stops.

Years on Stages: 5+

Favorite power workout:
I enjoy the challenge of going hard and staying relaxed on long steady 20min threshold efforts.

Stages Power moment:
The opportunity to have a power meter like Stages on all my mountain bikes has been huge. The ability to do specific training on my MTB and get feedback during races is a massive benefit. It’s incredibly powerful to have a simple system to measure power on every bike I ride.


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Kabush on why power matters:
Tracking the progression in training with accuracy is huge benefit. Associating the feeling of the body with a quantifiable output gives me the ability to see if my hard work is paying off.

On Kabush’s DASH:
No matter what I’m doing I’m always looking at 3-second Power, HR, averages, and referencing that with my body’s feeling to gauge my training. My go-to screen is: Speed, RPM, 3s avg W, HR, ride time, ride avg W, ride avg HR, Total Ascent, temp, time of day



  • 3X Olympian (9th Sydney 2000 , 20th Beijing 2008, 8th London 2012)
  • 15X Canadian National Champion (9 XC, 5 Cyclocross, 1 Marathon title)
  • 1st World Cup XC, Bromont, 2009
  • 9X World Cup XC Podiums, 4th Overall 2009
  • 5X US National XC Series Champion
  • 4X US National Short Track Series Champion
  • 2007 Pan-American XC Champion
  • 2004 World Championship Team Relay Gold
  • 2009 World Championship Team Relay Silver

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PRE-RACE RITUAL: Find the best local coffee shop
PERSONAL MOTTO: Keep riding until the fun stops
SPIRIT ANIMAL: Lone wolf. Often train by myself and enjoy having time alone to reflect with my thoughts on the bike.

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