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Danielle Mack

DISCIPLINE:  Triathlon


Danielle Mack is a professional triathlete and 3X Ironman Champion. She has accrued 6 top-ten finishes in Ironman and 7 top-ten finishes Ironman 70.3. Danielle is passionate about her mission to inspire others to follow their dreams. Danielle got her start in triathlon at the age of 7 and has been a professional since 2013. In 2012, she was the USAT Triathlete of the Year. Prior to her professional career, she won her age group in 3 separate world championships: Ironman, Ironman 70.3 and Xterra. She is currently living and training in Boulder, CO with her beloved husband and her Mini Australian Shepherd, Loyal.

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  • 2016 – Ironman Taiwan Champion *Fastest Female Run Split*
  • 2015 – Ironman Canada Champion
  • 2014 – Ironman Boulder Champion *Run Course Record and Course Record*
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MACK ON STAGES: It is very easy to let race day adrenaline and nerves get the best of you at the start of a race. Ironman racing is a true testament of patience and persistence. My power meter helps me to monitor my efforts and not go out too hard at the start of the bike. Pacing myself throughout the entire 112 mile ride is critical so that I put together a solid bike performance to place me in contention while reserving enough in the tank to run to my fullest potential!

WHAT’S ON MACK’S DASH: Split Time/ Split Avg. Power/ Cadence/ Split Avg. HR

A CLUTCH MOMENT TO BE RIDING STAGES POWER I was really stoked to be riding with my Stages power during Ironman Taiwan because it was my first time leading a professional race during the bike portion. I am usually motivated by catching the gals in front of me but this time it was my power meter that kept me right on track to claim my third Ironman title!

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My Stages Power meter has provided me with more consistency in my training and racing. Prior to training with power, I was relying strictly on heart rate, which can be because heart rate fluctuates significantly while power remains to be a concrete number letting you know how hard you are truly working during a session. It is easier to know if you are having a good, decent or poor day of training when training with power.

I chose Stages Power because of its reliability and easy to use. The Ant+ Bluetooth connectivity allows me to upload my workout immediately when I finish. It is extremely lightweight! The Active Temperature Compensation ensures that I am receiving actuate data no matter what temperature I am riding in, which is key!

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