Turnt Up Tuesday: The Stages Weekly Ride

February 1, 2016 |

At Stages Cycling riders design, engineer and manufacture the Stages Power meter. When we say, ‘we know power,’ we mean it. You don’t need to be a racer to benefit from the Stages Power meter, but it does mean you can have the ultimate confidence in our product. The Stages Power meter is a product derived of our own wants and needs; it’s a product that has been developed by cyclists and for the needs of cyclists out on the road.

This is why at Stages we have Turnt Up Tuesday: The Tuesday afternoon ride that departs from Stages HQ where we rip each other’s legs apart and put our power to the test.

There’s an argument in the engineering department over who started the ride, which actually started on a Wednesday, before moving to Tuesday and sticking. The day change was made to accommodate for Boulder’s short-track mountain bike race series that runs in the summer, because we ride mountain bikes too.

The name is derived from a phrase out of the urban dictionary, which of course we’ve cleaned up and modified for our own use.

Turnt Up (tûrn’t-ûp) (clean) – v. a state of being “messed up” to the limits; altered consciousness induced by extreme cycling efforts; being happy, excited or energetic.

Stages ‘Turnt Up’ Tuesday is unapologetic for being a drop ride. All of the regulars have been dropped off the ride. It’s a challenge. And it’s the source of an afternoon’s worth of story telling and a week’s (or more) worth of trash talking. You are more than welcome to join us.

Regardless of whether you make it to the end of a Turnt Up ride with the front group or if you ride in with the grupetto, or alone, this ride gives you a measure of progress—a reason to ride with your Stages meter. Even for the rider who won (yes there’s a winner), there’s the deep-seated knowledge that victory only lasts for a week, then they’ll need to defend, and to defend they’ll need to train with the Stages Power meter.


There’s a passion here within the walls at Stages, and the goal of this short film (and future pieces) is to offer a glimpse of how seriously we take cycling and power. We use our meter to achieve our own, personal, performance goals. Whether you talk to one of our engineers or a staff member working on our production floor, you’ll feel the same passion—we’re proud of the product we’re putting out and its potential to benefit anyone’s cycling.

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