Stages Dash & Stages Link win BEST IN SHOW – Interbike 2016

October 4, 2016 |

At the 2016 Interbike Awards gala Stages Dash and Stages Link won the industry accolade of Best In Show – Road.

“Interbike 2016 was the first opportunity for our sales representatives, dealers, riders, and many in the media to put hands on Stages Dash and Stages Link in person,” said Stages CEO Jim Liggett. “Winning the Interbike Award for Best In Show – Road showed us that the cycling industry recognizes the impressive potential of our holistic, power-based, ecosystem.”

“Our goal was not to simply release a new head unit but to disrupt the market by truly delivering something new and unique,” continued Liggett. “By integrating Stages Power with Stages Dash and Stages Link we feel we’ve created a totally new experience—one that will help cyclists improve, and deliver significant benefits to bike shops as well.”

Released in August of 2016, Stages Dash and Stages Link complement Stages Power to become a complete training experience.

Stages Dash is a power-training-optimized GPS head unit that seamlessly integrates with Stages Link, a new cloud-based training and analytic system that includes custom-tailored coaching and education for cyclists of any ability.

Both boast groundbreaking new features, like Stages Dash’s workout mode. See how this feature works in the video below.


Stages Link will be in beta release fall 2016 and Stages Dash will be available early 2017, with an MSRP of US$399.

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