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Les nouveaux & améliorés capteurs de puissance de Stages!

January 22, 2018
Stages Power L est la dernière version des capteurs de puissance Stages avec électronique et fonctionnalités mises à jour. C'est plus rapide, plus fort et plus précis que jamais.

Stages Doubles Up on Dual Sided Meters

August 29, 2017 ,
And after teasing a dual-sided power meter for the public for the last couple of seasons, Stages has finally brought it to market. It has of course been tested at the top end of the sport by Team Sky.

An Interview With Stages Power for Campagnolo’s Creator

July 10, 2017
Campagnolo has one of the richest histories in cycling and continues to generate great, lust worthy product. For Sam Morrison, creator of the Stages Power meter for Campagnolo...

The Birth of StagesDash & StagesLink

Obviously we started making power meters, and when you make a sensor, your data has to go somewhere. This is how Stages Dash and Stages Link were born.

Using Workout Mode with Stages Dash

One of the biggest values of training with a power meter is being able to complete a workout exactly as prescribed. With Workout Mode in Stages Dash you no longer need post-its on your top tube.

Introduction de Stages Dash & Stages Link

Stages Cycling redéfinit la formation sur mesure afin que vous puissiez mettre en avant vos meilleures performances.

Stages Cycling Partners with Today’s Plan Shape the Future of Cycling Training Technology

Stages Cycling & Today’s Plan Announce Technology Partnership to Shape the Future of Cycling Training. The partnership will see the creation of a Stages Cycling training and data analysis platform.

Understanding Spindles

January 7, 2016
In our quest to find a way to add Stages Power to more BB30 cranks, we sought out a flexible option that could take these variables into consideration and result in one simple solution that can be...

How To: Suggested Garmin Head Unit Settings To Get The Most Out Of Your New Stages Power Meter

December 8, 2015
Having a new power meter can open up a world of insight into your riding and training. Knowledge is certainly power and my aim with this post is to help you monitor the metrics that can be most....

Meet the project manager for the new carbon Stages Power Meter

November 20, 2015
To understand how the new Stages Carbon Power Meter works, meet Sam Morrison, Design Engineer and Project Manager for the new Stages Carbon Power Meter.