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Trainer Control on Dash

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Dash will search for and connect to ANT FE-C enabled trainers.

To pair to a trainer go to Main menu > Manage sensors > Add sensors > Search via ANT and select any sensor with the FTM type.

Use the new Interactive data fields functionality to interact with the Trainer control field to:

  • Control resistance using Erg mode, Level mode, or Sim mode
  • Control a trainer with their active workout
  • Disable control of the trainer from the Dash to use some other platform (but still view trainer data on the dash)

Step 1:
Add a Trainer Control field to a Dash page (via the Stages Link App or directly on Dash)

Step 2: 
Choose between percent grade simulation mode, power-based ERG more or effort level mode

Step 3: 
Load a preset Dash workout, hop on your smart trainer set on ERG mode and get to work

No other GPS Cycling Computer makes it easier to train right. 

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Trainer Control Tools

Add the Trainer control field to a data page, press select on that data page, and the following tool will appear:

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The trainer control field is highlighted and the user can now change the values and control mode according to the table below;

Image Mode Forward Backward
Sim mode allows the user to change gradient by 0.5% grade +0.5% changes sim mode gradient value up by 0.5% grade -0.5% changes sim mode gradient value down by 0.5% grade
External mode turns off trainer control Nothing Nothing
Erg mode allows the user to define a target in increments of 5w +5w changes the target wattage up by 5 watts -5w changes the target wattage down by 5 watts
Level mode is level 1-20 in increments of 0.5 levels of resistance +0.5 changes the level up by 0.5 -0.5 changes the level down by 0.5
Workout mode means the workout is controlling the trainer +1% scales the workout targets up by a percentage. Scale persists throughout the workout -1% scales the workout targets down by a percentage. Scale persists throughout the workout


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