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Your crank arm. Your power meter.

Send us a crank arm and we return it as a power meter.

The main steps to add power to your bike:

1) Choose the crank arm model in our Shop.
2) Get a free shipping label and send a crank arm to us.
3) We equip the crank arm with our Stages power meter and return it to you.
4) Have fun with a new power meter.

Just choose the crank arm model and add it to the basket – we take over from there.


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The Factory Install Process

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1) Choose the crank arm model

No matter if you need power for a road bike, mountain bike, or gravel bike- just visit our shop, choose the model of your current crank and the crank length and add it to the basket. Make sure you complete the check-out process.

Power for every rider. We have a suitable option for all crank models.

Visit our Shop Site

2) Get a free shipping label and send us a crank arm.


For Factory Install, you need to provide us a crank arm.
Therefore we provide you with a free shipping label. You get a free shipping label directly after you have completed the purchase process.

  1. The only things you need to do:
    – Pack your crank.
    – Add the free shipping label.
    – Hand it over to the carrier service.

Visit our Shop Site

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3) We equip the crank arm with our Stages power meter.


After we have received the crank, we immediately start with our Factory Install process.
The crank arm will be cleaned and inspected. After that, we equip it with our Stages Power meter according to our high quality and accuracy standards.

Finally we return a power meter, build on the crank arm you have provided. This approx. takes 4-5 weeks, including shipping.

Get your Factory Install

4) Have fun.


Feel free to perform a FTP test to be aware of your training zones.

Find Your Pace

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