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This is the next trend in crank arm based power measurement, and we’ve engineered it without compromising the functionality or the simplicity of the Stages Power meter.



We’ve engineered the only carbon based, direct force measurement power solution, and we’ve done it without compromising the functionality or the simplicity of the Stages Power meter.


Measuring Torque, controlling for temperature variables and considering compatibility across bottom bracket options are just a few of the challenges faced when designing for carbon.  Our solution is one meter engineered to work with a wide range of cranksets, across multiple bikes and cycling disciplines.


This new generation of Stages Power meter’s housing design gives the meter a 28% lower profile, with a 17% reduction in frontal area, while increasing the strength of the battery door interface by 200%.



The Stages 30mm Spindle for carbon Stages Power cranks match the diameter of your existing crank spindle.

Each spindle varies in length to ensure the new Stages crank arm will be in the same effective position as the one you replaced.


Think about it. Orient your cranks in the same direction and measure the distance from the outer edge of your left crank to your right crank. Different cranksets are designed around different widths depending on their intended use. Mountain bike cranks are usually wider, and road narrower. Our spindles accommodate this change by using the exact length specific to each crankset model.

Each brand makes their crank arm differently. They can have slightly different bends and offsets. Our spindles adjust your left crank position to match your previous crank and ensure your crankset is still absolutely symmetrical.


We call this Q-Factor: The distance between both pedals when they’re installed on your crankset.


Stages Spindles are specifically designed to meet or exceed the performance of the manufacturer’s stock component, while allowing the retro fit of the new carbon Stages Power meter to a rider’s drivetrain.


In many cases, adding the carbon Stages Power meter solution reduces the weight of the drivetrain — all while adding the precision metrics associated with the original Stages Power meter.


Without the spindle the carbon Stages Power meter is also compatible with the FSA 386EVO road cranks (K-Force, SL-K and Gossamer).




Two separate areas were fully investigated when coming up with a Stages Power carbon solution: measuring deflection accurately and dealing with temperature changes appropriately. Strain gauges have been applied to aluminum for a very long time, but carbon fiber is a relatively new material and thus there isn’t a lot of information out there on how to do it properly.


Once a good solution was found in the lab it was validated it with real riding, aka., hundreds of hours putting the meter to real world tests. As a cycling company it’s easy to find people that ride and that are critical of their power data.


The results show carbon power meters retain the same accurate Active Temperature Compensation as the Stages Power aluminum models and they relay the same accurate and consistent data as our aluminum models.





available for road & mountain in lengths: 165mm 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm