What are Spindles: BB30, Race Face Next SL & 30mm

October 11, 2016 |

Simple answer: The Stages Power Carbon, released last year, is unique. It works with a wide range of cranksets, across multiple bikes and cycling disciplines. How does it do this? By attaching to different spindles, depending on your bottom bracket.


The Stages Power Carbon model is one power meter that can work for many 30mm bottom brackets, across a wide range of cross, road and mountain cranksets.

The Stages Power Carbon for 30mm works for BB30, PF30, 386Evo, BBright and Race Face Cinch 30mm, to name a few. All you need is to pair the Stages Power Carbon to the correct Stages spindle. 


Why do you need different spindles?

The Stages 30mm spindles match the diameter of your existing crank spindle. They vary in length to ensure your new Stages crank arm will be in the same effective position as the one you replaced.

Each brand makes their crank arm differently. They can have slightly different bends and offsets. Our spindles adjust your left crank position to match your previous crank and ensure your crankset is still absolutely symmetrical.

For example, if you ride SRAM RED 22 BB30, and you want to add power, pair the Stages Power Carbon with Spindle A. However if you want to add power to your mountain bike and ride Race Face Next SL, you will need a longer spindle to get symmetry across your crankset. You need Spindle E for your Stages Power Carbon.

We call this Q-Factor.

Q-Factor: The distance between both pedals when they’re installed on your crankset.

Think about it. Orient your cranks in the same direction and measure the distance from the outer edge of your left crank to your right crank. Different cranksets are designed around different widths depending on their intended use. Mountain bike cranks are usually wider, and road narrower. Our spindles accommodate this change by using the exact length specific to each crankset model.


Which cranksets can I use with Stages Carbon for 30mm?


We currently have 5 spindle options for sale that match up with the following cranksets.

30mm Spindle Option Compatible Cranks
Spindle A SRAM Red 22 BB30
Red Exogram BB30 (10-speed)*
Spindle B SRAM Force 22 BB30

SRAM Force 1 BB30

SRAM Force CX1 BB30

SRAM Rival 22 BB30
SRAM Rival 1 BB30

Spindle C SRAM BB30 mountain cranksets with a 9mm drive side spacer
Spindle D SRAM BB30 mountain cranksets with a 15.5mm drive side spacer
Spindle E RaceFace Next SL Cinch
No spindle needed FSA Sl-K Light 386EVO

FSA K-Force 386EVO

FSA Energy 386EVO

FSA Gossamer 386EVO

If you’re not sure which version you have on your bike, feel free to submit a ticket with Stages Support for help on compatibility.
Find your local Stages Power dealer in our Dealer Locator.

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