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Macky Franklin & Syd Schulz are the dynamic duo that ride for Jamis/Vittoria and travel the world racing the Enduro World Cup Series. Some people think the discipline of enduro is all about the downhill and requires little pedaling, while others believe it’s all about the uphill section. Whatever side you’re on, we can tell you Macky & Syd rely on Stages Power to increase their efficiency when training to win.

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Macky & Syd ride carbon Stages for BB30

"It's been really cool to have the Stages Power meter for races and look at the data after words and really see the work you are doing after an enduro race. Then I can use that data for training and adapt my training workouts to mimic races."


Macky and Syd use data from Stages Power to track every aspect of their races to inform their training. If they know there are 5 or 30-second bursts during a specific course, they can train those intensities correctly.

Additionally, power isn’t just for laying down power. It also helps you learn how to ease up and informs you when you need a full on break.

This year is Syd’s first time working with a coach, and as a self-proclaimed “over-trainer,”she’s been able to track her heart rate to her watts to make sure she takes her recovery as seriously as her training.

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