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Your crank. Your Stages Power.

Stages Factory Install

Stages Factory Install converts your crank into a world-class training tool.

Adding accurate, reliable power to your bike has never been easier…or more affordable. Starting at €289,00 we’ll add a Stages L power meter to the crank you’re currently riding. Just choose and purchase your Factory install, send in your crank and we’ll send it back as a power meter in about four to five weeks.

Prices are including customs, VAT and shipping – no additional costs.
Available for all EU countries.

Shop Your Factory Install Here

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Factory Install Process:

1. Choose and purchase your Factory Install directly from our Shop-Site.

2. Afterwards, you’ll get an email with detailed info and free shipping label for sending your current crank arm to us.

3. Once your crank arm arrived in our warehouse, it takes approx. 4-5 weeks until you can start riding with your Stages Power.

We are offering Factory Install for the following, selected models: Dura-Ace , Ultegra, Shimano 105, GRX, XT, XTR and Cannondale Si (alloy left crank arms).



All factory installs are assembled at our Boulder, Colorado facility alongside our manufacturer – supplied units. Each power meter is precisely installed, individually calibrated and tracked to ensure consistent, reliable power data for years to come.

See how they’re made

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