I’m a British Triathlete competing both short course on the Olympic pathway and transitioning over to long course racing.

DISCIPLINE: Triatholon

BASE: Leeds, United Kingdom


Tom Bishop rides Stages Power, Dash and SB20 Smart Bike.

WHAT'S ON YOUR DASH? Instant speed and average lap speed. The map is useful for li g course racing too. Distance is good to keep track of how long your race is.

FAVORITE POWER WORKOUT/TRAINING: There’s a loop I do at home which is about 100km. The final 40km is a best effort. I’m a triathlete so this is what I do every day. It can affect your cycling legs so you have to take the good days with the bad.

favorite race moment

Favorite Race Moment
On paper it might not have been my best result, I finished second at a European Cup in Holten in 2012. I just had good legs on the bike, probably was a bit overzealous. I finished seconds but we smashed the bike and loved it. I enjoy being one of the strongest riders when I have my day.

Photo Credit: TWO26 Photography

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