STAGES ATHLETE: Klodian mitri

I have been a consistent World Championship qualifier for over 4 years, this includes both Kona Ironman and the 70.3 distance. I have consistently had a presence on the overall podium in major national Ironman and Challenge Championship races, most recently being a top 10 Age Group World Championship result in St. George. Due to COVID and so many race cancelations, these races have turned into world championship caliber races, and I have absolutely loved it.

I want to be the best in this sport, and in order to do that, I have to beat the best. But that isn't how I have defined my success. My success is having built a strong community and encouraging others to be active. My true passion is integrating my active lifestyle with my family and others in the national and local triathlon scene. As I pursue professional triathlon, that love for sport and competition will only continue to grow and I look forward to the challenge to prove myself.

DISCIPLINE: Triatholon and running

BASE: Jordan, Utah


Klodian Mitri rides the M200 Dash and SB20 Smart Bike


BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: The availability of data is something that we take for granted as athletes. Having that reliability from Stages and top of the line product is the the little thing that makes a big difference.


Favorite Race Moment
Challenge Roth being the most recent. I’ve had a shaky start to pro racing with just breaking my collarbone a few months ago and requiring surgery. To go 8:59 on one of triathlons most epic courses off limited training/fitness makes me excited to see what I can do in the future and the second half of the season. I was able to be in the mix with other great professional athletes which is a great feeling. Makes the sport a little less lonely when you’re suffering together. I got off a bike with another athlete from Germany. We tan shoulder to shoulder for the first 20 miles and I was able to edge him out the last 10k. Such a great feeling.

Photo Credit:

Sanchez Plans @jfplansphoto

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