The Stages Link Mobile App

The Stages Link Mobile App

Stages Link Mobile App

The Stages Link Mobile app allows Stages Dash users to upload completed activities to Stages Link account, sync updated settings and device configurations, download workouts, and update Dash firmware.

Stages Link for Google Play

Stages Link for Apple iOS

The enhanced Stages Link app provides detailed ride review and data analysis tools for Stages Link users and has everything you need to wirelessly set up, manage and review rides from your Stages Dash™ GPS computer

  • RECEIVE text messages and phone notifications on your Dash computer.

  • PREVIEW your planned rides, events, upcoming workouts and training plans

  • UPLOAD your Dash ride files to Stages LINK or 3rd party apps like Strava, Training Peaks and others via Bluetooth.

  • REVIEW key ride metrics like average speed, ride time, distance, elevation and route details, power and heart rate metrics and more.

  • ANALYZE you ride history to track your training, fitness and fatigue levels over time.

  • CONFIGURE custom performance review pages with your preferred data and track your rides by week, month and year.


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