Hannah began racing at just 9 years old in the sport of triathlon. She competed in triathlon from age 9-20 before she focused her athletic attentions entirely to the mountain bike. Hannah has claimed 5 Collegiate National Championship Titles, Multiple UCI Wins, Gravel podiums, and was even named to the Olympic Long Team in 2020. Throughout all of the years Hannah has always found so much joy and motivation competing against herself and finding her own improvements along the way.

DISCIPLINE: Mountain Bike & Gravel

BASE: Jordan, Utah


Hannah Otto rides the M200, L200, Left Arm Power meter, Dual Sided Power Meter, SB20

WHAT'S ON HANNAH'S DASH? I have a race screen on my Dash that features only the most critical power data along with time, maps, and elevation. I also have a training profile on my Dash that features most all of the power fields so that I can analyze my efforts on the go.

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: I really like the clarity of the screen on the Dash. In the middle of a tough ride or interval it's very easy to glance down and immediately see my power and even the zone that I am in based on the color coded system the Dash has in place. 


Favorite Stages Moment
Measuring power is absolutely essential to what I do. I look at my power numbers every single day to inform my training and plan my future workouts. Power informs perception, it quantifies a workout, it helps me stay in energy zones, and it helps me track improvements.


WHAT'S ONE PIECE OF GEAR OR KIT YOU COULDN'T GO WITHOUT? All of my bikes. I feel like each one gives me a different type of adventure.

WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO POST RIDE CELEBRATION? I just love having family and friends at the finish line. There is nothing quite like sharing finish line euphoria with others.


Instagram: @hannah_finchamp


Photo Credit: Trevor Finchamp

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