STAGES ATHLETE: Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin is a professional triathlete, sports physical therapist, bike fitter, and endurance coach based out of Boulder, CO. 2023 is her rookie pro season as a triathlete and she will be specializing in the full Ironman distance.

DISCIPLINE: Ironman triathlon

BASE: Boulder, Colorado

Stages athlete Caitlin AlexanderStages athlete Caitlin Alexander

What does she ride?

Caitlin rides dual-sided Stages Power meters, Dash L200 and the SB20 Smart Bike.

WHAT'S ON HER DASH: I love the power screen on the Dash which colorfully illustrates which zones I'm in in real time, as well as my power profile for that lap. The colored feedback is very helpful to keep me on target for workouts and races!

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: Stages Cycling computers and power meters allow me to train and race with the data I need to reach my goals. I have been loving the SB20 Smart Bike for all of my indoor workouts lately. It is so easy to hop on, connect with all of my devices, and start my ride without any delays. I also appreciate the dual-sided power to gauge the symmetry in my power output on the bike, which can change on a daily basis based on how my body is feeling.

bring it on, 2023!

What she's excited about in 2023.
2023 is about being brave and vulnerable, about putting myself out there and developing myself as a professional athlete. It has been a journey to get to where I am today and I look forward to the journey of realizing my potential, and enjoying the process along the way!


FAVORITE POWER WORKOUT: I'm an endurance athlete through and through so give me a sweet spot workout any day!

FAVORITE CROSS TRAINING WORKOUT: I'm a triathlete so can you count it all as cross-training?? I also strength train 2x a week and love doing a lot of single leg strength and stability work.

CAITLIN'S HYPE SONG: It changes based on new music but usually anything rap, hip-hop or EDM. I enjoy a good beat.

GO-TO POST RACE CELEBRATION: A beer, some good food, and usually my bed, especially after an Ironman.

FAVORITE POST-RACE FOOD: My favorite protein shake with oats, banana, peanut butter, protein powder and milk

GEAR YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Any type of GPS device (watch, bike computer, etc.). I am a data nerd and love to track all of my data!


     Instagram: @caitalexander

     TikTok: @drcaitalexander

     Twitter: @caitalexander


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