The Freezing Cold vs The Stages Power Meter

December 16, 2015 |

When the weather gets tough your power meter needs to be even tougher. There are only a few things worse than finally getting outside to workout in subzero temperatures, than to find that your power meter would much rather be indoors. With no moving parts, no external sensors, and Active Temperature Compensation (the feature that keeps your meter calibrated despite varying external temperatures) we like to think the Stages Power meter can stand up to almost anything Mother Nature throws it’s way.

Recently John Hennings wrote to us explaining the torture he puts his Stages Power meter through during his daily training — and naturally we asked for pictures (see above and below).

Two years ago John got a Stages Shimano 105 power meter for his road bike in order to enhance his training for endurance XC racing. Naturally, his training improved and the race results followed.

Seeing how training with power improved his performance, this past season he decided to add a Stages Power meter to his Cannondale XC race bike.

Now, with the Wyoming winter in full swing, John decided to swap the power meter off his Cannondale and put it onto his Borealis Crestone fat bike. John shared, “My Stages Power meters have already survived more than 20,000 miles riding through rain, hail, mud and creek crossings. The snow and ice are no concern.”

stages icy

John’s Stages Cannondale Hollowagram power meter after a snowy ride.

The Stages Power meter is able to transfer from bike to bike effortlessly. It means you aren’t locked in to only having power on your road bike, or one type of mountain bike. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want and always have the data that will help drive your training. For John that means no matter the season, terrain or bike, he can ride and know he’s getting results and fitness. John said to us, “Thanks so much for making advanced training attainable for the everyday rider.” We want to thank John back for putting our power meters to the test.


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