Stages Improves Meter and App with Firmware v2.0.76

June 5, 2015 |

As part of Stages Cycling’s long-term product maintenance plan, Stages Cycling has again improved the Stages Power meter through attention to the device firmware.

Today, Stages Cycling released improvements to the Stages Power App and the Stages Power meter firmware. Stages recommend all riders with Stages Power meters update both their App and firmware. When updating, please update the Stages Power App first and then update the Stages Power meter firmware to preserve the system’s full functionality.

Improvements to the App and firmware come as a result of evolving Bluetooth communication protocols and agreement on the Bluetooth standard for sport devices. Because of the two-way communication capabilities of Bluetooth, failing to update either the App or firmware will result in limited functionality within the system.

After update, the Stages Power App will work with current Bluetooth standard devices and with Stages Cycling’s new indoor cycling power meters. The new App will also display ANT+ ID for quick meter identification in multiple-meter environments. Finally, Android users will now have access to the high-speed data capture feature.

The new firmware iteration allows for use of the Stages Power meter with Polar and other Bluetooth head units. The firmware also makes multiple improvements, including better cadence resolution for high-rpm applications and increases in the power meter sensor’s power and battery management capabilities.

This latter improvement addresses battery performance issues documented in the field.

“While we cannot personally verify the quality of a rider installed replacement battery, this latest firmware revision directly addresses the issue of random premature battery failure or draining that a small percentage of our customers have experienced and are vocal about,” said Pat Warner, Stages Cycling’s senior vice president. “With this new firmware we’re also gaining 10-percent more battery life in the unaffected meters, so it’s a big win for us all around.”

Stages Power App v3.0 improvement breakdown:

  • iOS App
  • Updated the Bluetooth API to follow the standard. 
  • Display ANT+ ID and Serial Number on main page. 
  • Fix for excessive data usage when launching app. 
  • Fix for Negative Celsius readings.  
  • Android App
  • Updated the Bluetooth API to follow the standard.
  • High Speed data functionality added.
  • Battery Level reading bug fix.
  • Firmware v2.0.76 improvement breakdown:
  • Updated Bluetooth API to match standard.
  • Improvements and refinements to cadence detection.
  • Bug fixes for meter startup/shutdown eliminating potential to over-burden battery.
  • Optimized processor functions when connected to Bluetooth.
  • Improvements to power and battery management extending battery life.

Finding the Stages Power App

The Stages Power App can be found by searching for ‘StagesPower’ in the iTunes App store (though the Stages Power App is universal, if searching for iPad, please search under ‘iPhone Only Apps’), Google Store or here:

Reminder of Device Compatibility Requirements

The Stages Power utility App requires devices utilizing Bluetooth 4.0. For iOS devices, the minimum requirement is iPhone 4s or newer, or third generation iPad, or newer. For Android devices the Stages Power App requires OS 4.4 and newer. The App requires 6.1MB of free space to run.

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