Lose Weight and Get Watts

November 17, 2015 |
For cyclists the holiday season can offer quite the conundrum. First, we’re supposed to be resting and recovering, letting our muscles rest and recover from the past season of riding. Then we’re supposed to start heading on those “long slow distance” rides to get our endurance back. And then, and most importantly, we’re coming home to holiday treats and presented with the thought, “Did I really ride enough to eat this whole pie?”
While we pack on the miles this winter, it can be easy to accidentally pack on the pounds. So how do you lose weight, get watts and enjoy everything these colder months have to offer? Here are some of our favorite articles this week on losing weight while cycling:
Here Bicycling Magazine and Stacy T. Sims, PhD, an ­exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford ­University and a founder of Osmo Nutrition, offers up “101 Hard-Won Tips on How to Lose Weight While Cycling.
Looking for a way to up the ante and burn more calories than ever before on your bike? Read this article on “Seven Sure Fire Ways To Burn More Calories Cycling.”
You know it, spinning pedals is fun to do and gentle on the joints. Outside Magazine has “Eight easy Ways to Get Leaner On Your Bike
Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!

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