Training Tips: Triathlon Training in 8-Minutes

December 17, 2018 |

Justin Metzler lives and breathes triathlon. He did his first triathlon when he was just 13 years old. Five years later he was racing as a pro and named USA Triathlon’s rookie of the year in 2014. Since, Justin has honed his craft and become a true professional player on the world scene.

Since that first pro race he’s matured immensely. After a devastating race at the 2018 Boulder Ironman, he was able to step back, detach aand then train and win the Challenge San Gil (just a month and a half later). This is a lesson of perseverance that we can all learn from we all need to be able to pick ourselves up and move forward. Sometimes moving forward requires a look back.

Justin’s workout is also an exercise in perseverance. It’s as hard in person as it is on paper. If you take it on and complete it, you will have accomplished something great for your training, something to be proud of in and of itself. It’s those small accomplishments that we can use to gain confidence and even pick ourselves up from adversity and Justin sets a great example for all of us.

The workout: Justin Metzler’s pick me up

Do this workout to do 3-4 weeks out from a key 70.3 distance event. It is race specific but also challenges an energy system outside the comfort zone of a long course triathlete. Pacing is critical on this workout. One of the main objectives is to increase the power throughout the 8x intervals, finishing with the final 8′ at max effort. This session is best done on the athletes racing bike on flat/ rolling terrain in the time trial position.

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1 Hour Warm Up
(Long warm up to get ready for your intervals; sometimes Justin warms up even more, but let your schedule dictate the length of your personal warm up)

Interval 1
This is your main block of work. It’s going to get hard, so stay focused!
8′ @ Goal 70.2 effort (possibly 20% Below Threshold)
8′ Rest

Interval 2
Settle in. You can still take in the sights on this one.
8′ @ Add 5 watts or 20% Below Threshold
8′ Rest

Interval 3
Getting harder, but you’ve got this. You’re still running about 10% below your FTP.
8′ @ Add 5 watts or 10% Below Threhold
8′ Rest

Interval 4
We’re getting work done now. This builds character.
8′ @ Add 5 watts or 5% Below Threshold
8′ Rest

Interval 5
We’re getting work done now. This builds character.
8′ @ Add 5 watts or Just below Threshold
8′ Rest

Interval 6
Just a little bit harder. You’re doing great!
8′ @ Add 5 watts or Lowside of Threshold
8′ Rest 1 × Interval 6

Interval 7
This is the meat of it. You’re at FTP. Gains are made here.
8′ @ Threshold
8′ Rest 1 × Interval 6

Interval 8
Last one. Yes, it’s hard. Earn it. Channel your inner Metzler!
8′ @ Top end of Threshold and over.
8′ Rest 1 × Interval 6


Cool down
Cool down for the remainder of your ride, up to one hour

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*cadence and heart rate are less important metrics to pay attention to on this session. Try to keep the cadence stable and the heart rate should rise at the same rate the power does. The goal is also to have maximum speed on the intervals so make sure to be as aero as possible while maintaining the power on the pedals.

This workout was first prescribed to the entire Qt2 Systems PRO triathlon squad at their pre-season camp in March 2018 by head coach Jesse Kropelnicki.

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