Four Reasons You Should Ride an Indoor Bike All Year Long

May 4, 2021 |

Year-round benefits of indoor cycling

In a few short years Indoor cycling has gone from a form of off-season torture practiced only by the most dedicated rider, to an incredibly immersive, realistic, social and thoroughly enjoyable experience enjoyed and even shared by thousands of cyclists of all disciplines and abilities worldwide. It’s no longer an experience reserved for bad weather days….in fact there are some compelling reasons to ride and indoor bike all year long.

1. Time Management

Just because the weather is nice and the days are long doesn’t mean you have the time to ride when or as much as we want. Work and family obligations, wildfires, skyrocketing summer temperatures or afternoon thunder showers can all conspire to undermine your ride plans. But with a dedicated indoor bike ready standing by it’s easy to hop on and knock out a short virtual ride in the early dawn hours or after dark on those days when you might not have got out.

2. Get a Social Life

For many of us, cycling is as much about quality time with friends as it is about training or exploring the roads and trails. With today’s selection of 3rd party apps and Smart Bikes it’s never been easier to virtually ride with your friends even if they live in another state or country. And with countless group rides and workouts happening hourly you can also make new riding friends.

3. Competition

Bike racing will inspire you to dig deeper and push harder than even the hardest workout. But racing is time consuming, expensive and occasionally dangerous. With a quality indoor Smart Bike you can reap the benefits of racing—leg burning all-out effort against a stacked  field of hardcore racers who want to destroy you—at a fraction of the time, expense and risk of IRL racing. And you can select the category, duration and start time that suits your fitness level and schedule.

4. Training Efficiency

Some coaches have long recommended athletes perform their workouts on an indoor trainer as it allows the rider a controlled environment in which to perform prescribed workouts without being interrupted by stoplights, traffic or other external factors. Modern Smart Bikes and apps further enhance the benefits of training indoors even when the weather is nice; not only is the indoor cycling experience more immersive and entertaining than it used to be, but most 3rd party cycling apps work with smart bikes to offer ‘ERG Mode’ which drives a Smart Bike’s electronically controlled resistance unit to force the athlete to ride at the prescribed intensity…all you have to do is pedal and that will be hard enough. Many top riders find ERG mode to be such a benefit to their training that it’s almost cheating.

Nothing beats a good ride on your favorite road or trail, but with the immersive and engaging experience offered by the latest cycling training and simulation apps, many riders are discovering that a smart bike is a must-have tool to keep the miles (and smiles) up all year long. Check out the StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike. Available Now!

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