Lejla Tanovic: Beyond limits – breaking records

September 17, 2020 |

Mountain Bike rider Lejla Tanovic broke an uphill record at one of the most iconic climbs in her home country of Croatia. We talk with Lejla about this fantastic day and her preparations:

“I didn’t have a specific preparation for this ride since it was part of my training block. Me and my coach tried to incorporate more intensity to simulate racing and having a goal was a great motivation during these challenging times. Anyway, we approached this challenge to be a race – therefore my routine was like on race days.

I started early because it is very hot in this area. Two hours after I finished my breakfast, I did a 45-minutes warmup. At 8:00am I started the climbing adventure. Before the start I had a gel.”

For long climbs or long individual time trials, it is essential to prepare a pacing strategy to make sure you don’t over-pace and go too deep in the beginning.


“My game plan was to start moderate and slow but slowly picking up the speed during the ride. I mainly paced myself with my Stages power meter, based on my FTP (which I checked two weeks before). But also checked my heart rate since I knew the heat will play a key role as well. Seeing all numbers at a glance wasn’t a big thing with my Stages Dash L50 – I just created an individual training page with all essential metrics. But staying cool was harder than expected. During my ride I drank one liter of water (2 full bottles) and had a gel every 30 minutes.

After one hour it started to get painful and the climb got a lot steeper. Compared to a previous try, breaking the record, this time I did not tracked my time. I just focused on myself and rode my own pace. Probably I can still safe some time when knowing the route before.

My ride overview:
Km: 29km
Climbing: 0 to 1726m (5662 ft)
Time: 1h 42min 35sec.

Every year there is a race on this track, so checking the fastest time from last year’s edition (1h 54min 18sec) was the base for my pacing strategy as well.

You can check all information on Strava as well as previous times, my ride is here:
Ride: https://www.strava.com/activities/3836868489
Segment and QOM: https://www.strava.com/activities/3836868489/segments/2723825530620791330


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