Jim’s Basement Blog 2 – StagesBike, Bidets and Group Text Misadventures

April 6, 2020 |

Day 2. Still not a pro

Heck. I’ve now done 2 actual training rides on the Stages Bike during social distancing and here’s how I feel;

My right eye is especially tired.
My right eye is especially tired.

Unlike books, which you can just read and then you’ve read them, fitness is like a bucket with hole in it. It’s been a while since I turned on the faucet.

Speaking of books, this year we decided to drive to Milwaukee for Christmas instead of fly, which was gift enough to my dad who loaded us up with 10 bins of my childhood things to take back to Colorado. Last night, I went through them (Were talking about cycling, I promise) and found a record of my athletic accomplishments before cycling;


I also found some old advice on how to get better at cycling;

Which I fixed;

Moving on!

The setup

I got a little feedback yesterday from our lead developer about my setup;

So, to bring this all full circle, I present to you all my $1,500 trainer mat;

Come to think of it, maybe books are exactly like fitness...
Come to think of it, maybe books are exactly like fitness...

I spared Mathematical Modeling because that is literally the thing we did to make the Stages Bike feel so good. If you were to ask me how I felt about math compared to other things, I think this picture from my notes I found last night sums it up;

The ride

Today was more testing of ERG MODE THE GREATEST TRAINING TOOL OF ALL TIME. In fact, I made yet another edit to the book;

Please don't all call at once with offers for my book advance.
Please don't all call at once with offers for my book advance.

It’s just so good. I hammered away appreciating how the minor tweaks we made for today’s test were working well, while not appreciating that, despite riding the exact same workout, the feeling was so much worse. Thanks to ERG mode, I still got mostly 9 and 10 compliance scores;

And put some significant time in the threshold zone;

Custom zones

You can customize your zones and colors and sync them to your Dash, which is why in my screenshots one of my Dashes matches the colors above, and the other does not. All depends on your setting for Power method. Set it to Stages Link App and it matches the zones in Link. Set it to something else, and the colors are default. (Aka, you don’t have to use Link to use the Dash).

Custom colors and zones from Link.
Custom colors and zones from Link.
Default colors from automatic zones on the Dash.
Default colors from automatic zones on the Dash.

Did you know you can set your Dash to automatically determine your Zones? Just set Power method to Automatic. It’s awesome.

All in all, the Stages Bike is working great and ready to go make pretty graphs like this one:

Ignore notifications

As you might have noticed, people are texting you more than normal. This is great, except when you are deep in the pain cave wishing the guy drafting you in Zwift would just go away. So, thankfully there’s this;

OH, sweet silence. Except, I ended up missing this conversation with my whole family text chain about the difficulty my dad had finding toilet paper in the stores today, my brother is green, mom is blue, and sister is yellow.

This is the funniest thing to happen this… year?

Oh man.

Well, more next time, till then, enjoy the brief moment where I tried to take a picture mid interval for you guys, and didn’t use it in the blog despite sprucing up the bookshelf a bit;

I paid dearly for this.
I paid dearly for this.

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