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Dash Live Data Graphing

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Dash Live Data Graphing

See ride data in an all new way—with Stages Live Data Graphing. Track and compare elevation progress, power, speed, cadence or heart rate over the course of a ride, in real time as a ride unfolds. Add a graph (or multiple graphs) to the Dash on any screen, full page or a single data cell, via the Stages LINK app.

Don’t miss out on this compelling way to view data as a ride progresses. Track power compared to climbing, or cadence and speed, or all of them at once.

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Infinitely Customizable

Graphs can be full screen, or a single cell, customized to display anywhere on the Dash. Choose to display one graph, or multiple graphs and use the Stages LINK app to configure graphs onto your data pages.


The real-time elevation profile shows different colors for gradient percentage. Flats are green, descents are blue. Climbs display yellow, orange, progressing to dark red on steep hills.

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Power & Heart Rate

Power and Heart Rate are displayed as a bar colored by rider training zone with a dotted red line over the graph that represents FTP or FTHR, showing the amount of time spent above or below threshold, in real time.

Riders see peak values for the vertical axis. The horizontal axis shows time.

Add graphs to data pages by adding any of the following metrics to profiles:





Power graph

– Short (5 min)

– Medium (20 min)

– Long (60 min)

– Lap

– Ride

– Last lap

Heart Rate

Heart rate graph


Speed graph


Elevation graph

Time and cadence

Cadence graph

Live Graphing is the latest feature to come to the ever-improving Dash M50 and L50 with the release of 2.4 firmware.

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