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Squid Bikes

DISCIPLINE: Cyclocross

HOMEBASE: Sacramento, CA & USA

Squid Bikes came into existence gradually, starting in the grassroots cyclocross community in Northern California. At some point a group of cyclocross miscreants started spray painting bikes in their garages, and it felt good and right. Squid Bikes is about that savory, eyebrow-raising, chills down your spine good feeling when you create something and see the results. Paint your own bike, maintain your own trails, grow your community, and pass it on.

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Squid Rides with
Stages Dash

In 2018 the Squid Bikes departed for a World Tour, traveling through China, Japan and Australia racing cyclocross. Read about their travels.


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Photos by chris namba, @nommeke, toshiki sato @ogaram & @xhotbrad.

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